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CLD Upskilling Programme

From 2009 to 2011, the Scottish Government invested in a CLD Upskilling Programme to support continuing professional development within the CLD Workforce in Scotland in accordance with the CLD Values and Competencies, so that those who work in the CLD Sector have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and confidence to work to the highest standards of CLD practice. (Education Scotland, 2009)

Th outcomes of the programme were:

  1. To put in place a national CLD workforce development strategy that supports local planning and delivery.
  2. To support all CLD Partnerships to develop local strategies for workforce development and improve access to CPD for CLD practitioners across sectors.
  3. To establish a coherent system of CPD opportunities to support the development of the CLD workforce.
  4. To create resources and tools to support continuing workforce development.
  5. To gather and analyse the evidence of the outcomes of the programme, and the inputs, processes and outputs leading to these.


The final evaluation of what has been achieved from the Upskilling Programme was completed in August 2011.

CLD Upskilling Programme: Evaluation and Final Report