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Fife CLD Partnership CCB Review 19.9.14

Fife Community Learning & Development (CLD) Partnership hosted a Community Capacity Building (CCB) Review session for colleagues on Friday 19th September 2014 at Rothes Halls, Glenrothes.


The outcome of the CCB Review is to shape future CCB practice in Fife in terms of agreeing clear strategic direction, purpose, vision, resourcing of CCB work and addressing the significant and wide ranging demands and expectations in the context of Community Planning.


In a Scottish wide context there are a range of policies which are impacting on CCB, including the CLD Strategic Guidance, Community Empowerment Bill, Local Community Planning, support for Voluntary Organisations Review and a proposed Statement of Ambition for CCB. In Fife the challenge will be to clearly articulate CLD’s contribution to these agendas and the role of CCB within this.


Fife CLD Partnership was very well represented by the 57 colleagues who attended the session from a comprehensive array of CLD practitioners.


An intensive programme was delivered covering a broad range of local, national and future developments.


The morning started with highlighting the challenges and opportunities to face CLD in Fife by our departing Head of Service, Joe Fitzpatrick. 


At a local level our CCB practitioners shared good examples of work in Fife.


Barbara Allen, Scottish Community Development Centre and John Galt, Education Scotland provided excellent input from the perspective of National CLD developments and posed pertinent questions to the Fife CLD Partnership to consider in their progressive next steps.


David McGrath, CLD Area Team Leader in Levenmouth shared the findings of the Review of CCB & Community Engagement survey carried out in July/August 2014.  Based on the findings a number of questions were posed to the audience and extensive feedback collected to inform the ongoing review.


  1. CCB outcomes: feedback for the survey questioned if there were too manyEveryone was asked to carry out a point ranking exercise 1 – 3 from the 5 outcomes to show where people through CCB priorities lay.  



    % Points


    Improve participation in community planning and local democratic processes



    Improve community organisations’ capacity to plan, manage and evaluate their work



    Improve communities’ capacity to address issues which improve community health and wellbeing and community safety



    Improve and enhance community organisations’ capacity to access resources and deliver services



    Improve networking amongst community groups and organisation


  2.  National Standards for Community Engagement: How could we strengthen their use?  Discussion groups were formed and feedback collated.
  3. CCB Definition and Vision: Are there any minor alterations that you would propose? Any final comments? Feedback was gathered from the same discussion groups.


Janice Laird, CLD Service Manager concluded the Review Session by thanking everyone for their constructive contribution which has made significant progress to achieving the outcome of the CCB Review.   The CCB Review Working Group will take all the feedback from the day, and the survey, to formulate the next steps for CCB in Fife.


Please find the presentations from the day below, click to download.


ccb-19sept14-prsentation1 ccb-19sept14-prsentation2 ccb-19sept14-prsentation3 ccb-19sept14-prsentation4


Additional evaluation / feedback collected:


Any other issues which impact on CCB that have not been discussed /raised today that you would like to see addressed?


  • Plain language and less jargon please!
  • Why do CCB have less Community Education Workers than the other specialisms
  • Joint working with other specialisms youth work / adult learning needs to take place – utilising our CEW skills
  • Links with Locality Support Team
  • Comprehensive fund raising information
  • Retention of people active in CCB, (who are members of the community) depends upon identifiable results quickly). Time loses people.


What would you like to see as the next steps for CCB development after today?


  • More opportunities to share practice across Fife Council
  • Ensure partners are involved
  • Champions for community engagement restored (x3) / Does having champions actually make a difference?
  • Standards for community engagement network started – resurrected
  • Getting CCB planning groups formed more successfully
  • A clear definition of what CCB is - not what it does, i.e. present one that will be relevant to partners and the community.


How useful has today’s CCB review event been?

17% extremely useful, 83% useful and 0% not very useful