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LEAP Project Plan Template


Regardless of the planning method used, attention should be focussed on the difference we want to make (outcomes); how we will go about making the difference (outputs) and how we will know we’ve made a difference (outcome measures).

The following key documents will assist with the process:


Delivering Change

Guidance on the range of outcomes that CLD is expected to bring about or contribute to.

Delivering Change

Let's Prove It

Guidance and Framework on providing evidence on the Local and National Outcomes of Community Learning and Development Activies.

Let's Prove It

Curriculum for Excellence

Curriculum for Excellence aims to achieve a transformation in education in Scotland by providing a coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum.

Health and Wellbeing


Fife CLD Strategy

Fife Community Learning and Development Partnership has an ambition to be seen as a class leading Partnership.

Fife CLD Strategy


Fife Youth Work Policy

Youth Work complements and integrates with the broad range of services provided for young people by Community Services, Education, Social Work and Housing Services and the Community Safety Partnership.

Fife Youth Work Policy

Fife Adult Learning Policy

This policy defines and articulates Community Learning & Development’s (CLD) commitment to delivering a high quality and diverse community based Adult Learning service for Fife.

Fife Adult Learning Policy

LEAP Project Plan Exemplars

Some worked up examples of LEAP project plans.

  YW Project Plan Exemplar

Outcome Measures

Setting SMART and challenging targets


PMMI Target Setting Guide

Target Setting Slides

successHow are we progressing against the service targets?

Adult Learning


Youth Work


Useful Information - Project Planning

LEAP Manual

This manual is designed to assist you to plan and evaluate practice in a participatory manner. How you use it will depend on the role you are playing and the level of experience you already have.

LEAP Manual