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CLD practitioners in Fife Council use LEAP for planning work. LEAP stands for Learning, Evaluation and Planning.

It is a framework that supports us to plan more effectively, identify and evidence the changes that we hope to make; learn from our experiences and work in partnership with one another. LEAP is an approach to planning and evaluation that is outcome-focused, participatory and learning-based. It is a tool to aid more effective practice.


LEAP Project Plan Template

Regardless of the planning method used, attention should be focussed on the difference we want to make (outcomes); how we will go about making the difference (outputs) and how we will know we’ve made a difference (outcome measures).

The following key documents will assist with the process:


Useful Information - Project Planning

LEAP Manual

This manual is designed to assist you to plan and evaluate practice in a participatory manner. How you use it will depend on the role you are playing and the level of experience you already have.

LEAP Manual