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CLD Performance Framework

mi logoThe CLD Performance Framework provides a simple overview by which to manage and link together different types of performance information across the Service.

‘Our key aim is to measure and report performance meaningfully and effectively’.

The performance framework is designed around a few simple principles:-

  • all performance information should be focussed on the aims and objectives of the Service (clear links to CLD Service/Team/Area Plans);
  • performance information should be balanced – giving a picture of what CLD is currently doing, and covering all significant areas of work;
  • performance information should be robust in order to withstand changes;
  • performance information should be integrated into the Service as part of business planning process (not seen as an add-on) and ‘buy-in’ to the process is key.

Focused, Appropriate, Balanced, Robust, Integrated, Cost Effective F A B R I C 

Full CLD Performance Framework