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The Big Shout

In Fife, youth work is all about allowing young people to develop new skills, interests and face up to any challenges  life throws at them.  We are changing the way we deliver youth services to ensure we support and encourage young people to make the right choices for their future.

big shout wordsThrough the work of the Big Shout Partnership we are committed to ensuring that young people’s voices are heard by:

  • local and national politicians

  • decision makers and

  • the communities in which they live

By involving young people in shaping and influencing policies and decisions that directly affect them, we believe that young people are part of the solutions … not part of the problems.

We know and recognise that young people across Scotland are being hardest hit by the rising unemployment and economic uncertainties that are affecting local communities.  We are working hard through the More Choices, More Chances Partnership to address this.

We are developing a network of youth centres, expand their opening times and increase the range of opportunities available.  Through our work with local youth forums we are listening to, and learning from, young people in relation to their social, learning and leisure interests. 

We are committed to working with young people and communities to seek external funding to upgrade community facilities, bring in new resources and upskill staff to be able to work alongside young people in curriculum areas such as music, sport, performance and multi-media techniques.