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Working Barriers

AC arrived at Fife Council’s Community Job Club explaining to Welfare Support Worker’s (WSW) our service had been recommended by staff at Kirkcaldy YMCA’s Valley & Templehall Advice & Support Service. AC explained she required support to update her CV and help to look for employment. 

The WSW completed a CBAL registration form with AC and learned AC was currently employed, however her hours had steadily reduced from 4 to 1 days work a week over several months. As a parent with a young child AC was seeking permanent work which could be relied upon to provide a regular work pattern with steady reliable income to accommodate a work life balance and access to reliable childcare which were currently lacking.

Despite English not being AC’s first language, she was able to converse well and explain her situation including her experience of failing a recent employer language test. AC had already achieved ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) levels 2 & 3 via Fife Council and explained to the WSA she is focused on overcoming language as a barrier to gaining permanent and reliable employment. 

At the time of AC’s visit to the job club her understanding was progression to achieving an ESOL level 4 qualification required her to apply and enrol with Fife College. The WSW made a phone to Fife College and learned the course for the upcoming 2018/19 academic session was full.  The application process for the session 2019/20 was not available until December 2018 – at this point, more than half a year away.  The WSW contacted the ESOL tutor at Fife Council by phone to explain AC’s situation.  Fife Council invited AC to attend an assessment to identify her level of English and determine the level of class required.

As per AC’s initial support request the WSW updated AC’s CV by ensuring all contact details and current employment details were up to date. The WSW was able to see AC had a good range of employment and was able to speak well and talk comfortably about her main duties and responsibilities.  The WSW explained to AC about the Fife Employment and Training Consortium (Fife-ETC) as they could work with her to help to improve her employment prospects.  AC agreed to this suggestion as a positive step forward, and a subsequent referral to Fife –ETC was made.

“I have been unable to keep my appointment to sit the test because I received call to go into work. I am waiting to be contacted to try to sit the test again because I did call to explain why I couldn’t attend. I very much appreciate all the help I received and am very happy with everything that was done.  I am hoping I will hear about a new job soon.  I will use the service again when I can.”