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Levenmouth Local Planning Group

Levenmouth Local Planning Group has been in existence since the mid nineteen nineties. The group brings together representatives from a variety of local agencies and organisations including Education, Health, Housing and the Voluntary Sector to co-ordinate and deliver learning opportunities for people living in the Levenmouth area.

From March 2008 the LPG has been given their own budget for the area and with that the power to deliver opportunities according to local needs.

The Role of the Local Planning Group is:

  • To have a good working knowledge of the local community/area and the needs and priorities
  • To develop provision which addresses local need and identify the best ways of meeting these needs through integrated planning and partnership working
  • To utilise and pool local funding streams and strategies to maximise opportunities for the local community and meet joint-partner targets
  • To produce and submit for approval a coherent Local Adult Learning and Guidance Action Plan which reflects the needs of the local community and the 6 Adult Learning Outcomes identified as priorities within the Community Learning Strategy
  • To develop good practice in the following areas:
    • integrated and outcome focused planning
    • induction of new members
    • integrated learner support
    • progression and transition
    • rigorous evaluation/impact analysis
    • celebration of achievement
    • marketing & targeting of provision
  • To carry out regular self-evaluation in line with HGIOCLD for Adult Learning
  • To report progress and any barriers to the Area CLD Partnership via the Progress Measure Report document and Measuring Milestones
  • To seek opportunities to work in tandem with the other locality task groups for Young People and Capacity Building
  • To evaluate and monitor projects/targets on a regular/meeting by meeting basis using the Leap Planner Evaluation documents
  • To ensure student evaluation and impact information gathering is built into every course
  • To ensure that appropriate information and guidance is available to participants and that progression options are obvious, easily accessible and agreed and recorded in Individual Plans
  • To feed into, assist and support the work of local Learners' Forums