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Building a New Start

CSD attended the Job Club after he was no longer eligible for Employment Support Allowance (ESA).   The Welfare Support Assistant (WSA) signposted him to Citizens Advice and Rights Fife (CARF), who then assist him with a mandatory reconciliation.  The WSA also referred him to the Keyworker Job Broker (KJB) to support him with his career goal to work in construction industry. He was then allocated a place on the next construction academy and was given a work placement.

CSD confided in the WSA about his worrying housing situation, due to finances he and his family were homeless. The WSA assisted him and his partner to complete a Fife Housing Register application form.  The WSA arranged a Prevention First triage and a crisis appointment for them to attend.  Once CSD and his family were housed in temporary homeless accommodation and had word of moving into a secure tenancy, the WSA completed a housing benefit and council tax reduction form with him. Once they moved into a secure tenancy the WSA then helps with a change of circumstances form and completed a Scottish Welfare Community Grant for furniture and white goods, which allowed them to move into their new home. 

CSD continued to attend the job club regularly to get support seeking permanent construction employment.  CSD was successful in finding employment and the WSA carried out a “better off in work” calculation to ensure the CSD understood the financial implications to him and his family budget.

The intervention of the WSA and partners supported CSD and his family from the crisis of homelessness to the security of a roof over their head.  And now that CSD has used the tools he gained from the Job Club and KJB to gain employment he can build a new start for him and his family.

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